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Plasmahep 100IU Injection

Plasmahep 100IU Injection

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Plasmahep 100IU Injection contains human hepatitis B immunoglobulin. It is used to protect against hepatitis B virus infection in adults and children. Hepatitis B virus is a virus that damages your liver, and gradually the virus can stop the liver from working properly. This medicine is usually given if you have been accidentally exposed to blood from an infected person, and to newborn babies born to mothers having hepatitis B virus.It is also given if your previous hepatitis B vaccination has not worked, after sexual exposure to persons with infection, after a liver transplant, and if you are having kidney dialysis (waiting for a hepatitis B vaccination to be fully effective). Plasmahep 100IU Injection should not be used if you suffer from any blood disorders, which involve blood clotting or if you are known to have antibodies to immunoglobulin A.Talk to your doctor if you have high blood pressure, blood disorders, diabetes, recently had or about to have any vaccinations before taking Plasmahep 100IU Injection. It is normally given with hepatitis B vaccine. 
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